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Why Big Ideas?

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🚗No pick-up, no drop-off: Participate from the comfort of home. Heck, let them wear their PJs! No judgment here!

⏰️Flexible times: You pick what works for you each day. Before the pool? During your lunch break? I got you covered. Can’t make it? Watch the recorded version instead.

🎨Common Supplies: All required supplies are COMMON HOUSEHOLD ART SUPPLIES/ITEMS. Chances are you already have MOST (if not all) items.

💰Affordable: Big Ideas Art Camp is a fraction of the cost of most camps. Plus, one ticket is good for your entire household.

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🌀Process-Based & Open-Ended: Big Ideas is always student-centered. Kids will get to use the techniques we’re learning in their own unique and creative ways. 

👥Differentiated & Personalized: Art Camp offers a differentiated experience for each of your kiddos. Big age gap between your kids? No problem. Not only is Art Camp differentiated for all ages and abilities, but it’s personalized, meaning each kiddo can create art based on their own personal interests

🎨Confidence Boosting: No comparison. No adult examples. This is no right or wrong way to create here, which sends the following message loud and clear: You’re enough. Your skills and abilities are the perfect place to start.

Increased Creative Thinking Skills: Not all art experiences are created equal. In order to exercise creative thinking, there must be room for choice within the art experience. Art Camp is all about choice, problem-solving, trial and error, and creative thinking.

🗣️Teacher Feedback: In order to maximize Zoom class time, I’ve created an easy-to-use portal for sharing your work with me after class. All submitted artwork receives feedback sent directly to your inbox.


For: Elementary Kids (Ages 6-10ish)
Where: Zoom Classroom & Camp Dashboard
What: Printmaking, Drawing, DIY Tutorials, and more.
When: July 30th – August 4th
Time: You pick one time each day and join at that time.
9-9:30am EST
12-12:30 pm EST
3-3:30 pm EST


🎨5 days of Creative Fun
🎨4 Live Classes
🎨4 Recorded, On-Your-Own Classes
🎨Exclusive Dashboard
🎨Printable, Creative Activities
🎨Simple Portal for Sharing Art
🎨Teacher Feedback on Submitted Art
🎨Mini Art Kit (after Camp to Keep the Creativity Going!)
🎨PLUS Special Bonuses

ALL FOR: Early Bird Price: $59 (Until July 16th at 11:59 pm EST) Full Price: $79 (Doors Close July 28th at 11:59 pm EST)

Testimonial: It (Art Camp) has been a great experience. They ask if its time all day long and it has been so sweet seeing how proud they are of what they have made. -Kathleen C.

Testimonial: My boys loved camp! It was so fun to see what they created each day and how proud they were . Thanks for taking the pressure off the end result and reminding them new skills take practice! -Natalie C.

Testimonial: It (Art Camp) was ABSOLUTELY the highlight of our summer. Thank you! -Aubrey N.


Repetition is powerful and increases knowledge retention, and even though the skills may be the same, your kiddo is different then they were last time. They have a new framework and will learn new information they may have missed during their last class. Plus, Art Camp is process-based, so the art your kids decide to make will be different this time.

Full replays and shortened versions are hosted on the Camp Dashboard so you can watch/rewatch, practice, and pause as you need to after class.

Full Materials List for the Week:
4-5 Pieces of Construction Paper
4-5 Pieces of Computer Paper
1-2 Pieces of White, Mixed-Media Paper
Empty Cereal Box
Air Dry Clay
Elmer’s Glue
Glue Stick

Black Tempera Paint
Dish Soap
Toothpick, Wooden Stylus, Skewer, OR Scratching Tool

Access to a Printer (to Print Mini Diorama Template, Creativity Exercises & Handouts)
**Multiple kiddos? One multi-media pad and one set of oil pastels will be enough for everyone!

You’ll be emailed a checklist for each day after purchase. Plus, if you need to purchase something, I’ve created an Amazon List to make purchasing easy. Click here to view. 


Nope, one ticket takes care of your entire household. Adults are welcome to participate too! Make it a family affair!

All necessary links and pertinent information are condensed into a nice little email that will be sent to you following your ticket purchase. Save it. Everything’s right there. Oh, and I’ll send you a reminder the day before camp starts too!

Art teachers use these terms when describing the type of instruction they offer. Traditionally, art instruction has been teacher-directed and product-driven, meaning the teacher created an art lesson based on skills, topics, or artists they wanted to teach, and then walked students through the creation process, leading them to a curated result. Choice-Based means placing the child in the role of the artist and asking them to make choices within the art process and use their own ideas. Process-based means focusing on the process of making art rather than the product, or the actual art. So, in other words, while the product is an important part of making art, it’s not the most important part. The process is where all the magic happens– it’s where our brains light up as we problem solve, create new connections, and learn in deep, meaningful ways.

The Camp Dashboard is an exclusive, little art hub where replays, activities, extras and bonuses are stored so your kids can explore, create, and practice on their own. The Dashboard gives everyone the chance to watch replays at their own pace and come back to their artmaking after lunch, in the evenings, or whenever they have free time. 

Event Schedule:

  • Monday
    Live Zoom Class (9am, 12pm, or 3pm EST):
    Collograph Printmaking 
    *On-Your-Own Class: Printing with Crayons
  • Tuesday
    Live Zoom Class (9am, 12pm, or 3pm EST):
    Mini Dioramas 
  • Wednesday
    Live Zoom Class (9am, 12pm, or 3pm EST):
    Pop Ups
    *Wednesday Bonus: Color Wheel Exercise
  • Thursday
    Live Zoom Class (9am, 12pm, or 3pm EST):
    How to Draw a Landscape
    *Thursday Bonus: On-Your-Own Classes (How to Draw a Portrait)
  • Friday
    On-Your-Own Class: DIY Scratch Art
    *Friday Bonus:  “How-to-Draw” Bundle

Yes! Some younger kiddos may have trouble keeping up during our live lessons, but that’s why our dashboard exists! Watch and practice at your kiddo’s pace. Offer some support as needed!


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I’m a certified art teacher and the founder of Big Ideas Art Studio, an online choice-based art education hub for families and teachers. After creating a child-led classroom studio and witnessing the magic of authentic kid art, I’ve made it my mission to make sure all kids have access to a place where their ideas are celebrated and supported. Art Camp is thoughtfully crafted to embrace and reflect each kid’s innate creativity, leaving behind cookie-cutter projects and rigid instructions on what to make, and instead focusing on the empowering “how.” Drawing upon the latest research in child development and art education, Art Camp prioritizes choices, individualization, and the transformative power of play, as these elements are essential to fostering learning and growth. At Big Ideas Art Studio, we go beyond traditional art lessons, offering each child a remarkable opportunity to think and create like a true artist.

Can't wait to make art with your kiddos! Hurry, spots are limited!