Online Art Camp Invitation – Day Pass

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Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m an art teacher and also a mom of 2, and here are two things I know for sure:

1. I want the best for my kids. (We all do.)

2. I need as much ease as possible regarding everyday life because raising kids can get hectic and overwhelming fast.

That’s why I created Art Camp with both you AND your children in mind. Here’s how:
Ease for you, the adult: 

🚗No pick-up, no drop-off: You get to participate from the comfort of home. Heck, let them wear their PJs! No judgment here! 

⏰️Flexible times: You pick what works for you each day. Before the pool? During your lunch break? I got you covered. Can’t make it? Watch the recorded version instead. 

✅️Refrigerator Cheat Sheet: Let them gather their materials and check off what they need for the day as they prepare for Camp. 

🎨Common Supplies: All required supplies are COMMON HOUSEHOLD ART SUPPLIES/ITEMS. Chances are you already have MOST (if not all) items. 

📝Amazon List: Don’t have something? I’ve added everything to a convenient little Amazon List so if you do have to purchase, it’s EASY and will be delivered right to you! 

🧹Minimal Mess: Worried about clean-up? I totally understand, but the mess should be minimal! Plus, I’ll walk them through how to clean up so you don’t have to!

💰Affordable: Big Ideas Art Camp is a fraction of the cost of most camps. Plus, one ticket is good for your entire household.

📧Email: Lastly, all necessary links and pertinent information are condensed into a nice little email that will be sent to you following your ticket purchase. Save it. Everything’s right there. Oh, and I’ll send you a reminder the day before camp starts too!

Caregiver to caregiver, I got you!

Maximum Benefit for your Kiddos:

🌀Open-Ended: Kids will get to use the techniques we’re learning in their own unique and creative ways. 

👥Differentiated & Personalized: Art Camp offers a differentiated experience for each of your kiddos. Big age gap between your kids? No problem. Not only is Art Camp differentiated for all ages and abilities, but it’s personalized, meaning each kiddo can create art based on their own personal interests

🎨Confidence Boosting: No comparison. No adult examples. This is no right or wrong way to create here, which sends the following message loud and clear: You’re enough. Your skills and abilities are the perfect place to start.

🔄Process-Based: Art Camp is process-based, meaning the goal is to help your child fall in love with creating and to find their own unique artistic voice. We’re not worried about the end result.

✨Increased Creative Thinking Skills: Not all art experiences are created equal. In order to exercise creative thinking, there must be room for choice within the art experience. Art Camp is all about choice, problem-solving, trial and error, and creative thinking.

🗣️Teacher Feedback: In order to maximize Zoom class time, I’ve created an easy-to-use portal for sharing your work with me after class. All submitted artwork receives feedback sent directly to your inbox.

So, if you’re looking for a FUN art experience for your kids that is sure to develop technical art skills AND invaluable thinking skills as well as build confidence all while being easy and stress-free for you, look no further.
Big Ideas Art Studio has you covered. Register today, but hurry, spots are limited!

See you on the inside!

The Details

Event Schedule:

  • Monday
    Live Zoom Class (9am or 12pm EST):
    Printmaking (Foil Monoprints)
  • Tuesday
    Live Zoom Class (9am or 12pm EST):
    Crayon Reverse
  • Wednesday
    Live Zoom Class (9am or 12pm EST):
    Paper Sculpture
  • Thursday
    Live Zoom Class (9am or 12pm EST):
    Air Dry Clay

Full Materials List for the Week

(2) 9x12ish Pieces of Aluminum Foil
Several Sheets of White, Mixed-Media Paper
Water Cup
2-3 Pieces of Computer Paper
3 Pieces Construction Paper (Various Colors)
Circle Tracer (Yogurt Lid or Something Similar)
Glue Stick
White School Glue
Water Cup

Air Dry Clay
Plastic Fork (or Regular Fork or Toothpick)
Towel (Kitchen or Paper)

Don’t worry! No need to buy new materials, but if you do need to purchase something, I’ve created an Amazon List to make purchasing easy. Click here to view. 

For: Elementary Kids (Ages 6-10ish)
Where: Zoom Classroom
What: Printmaking, Drawing, Clay, and more.
When: June 26th – June 29th
Time: 9 – 9:30am EST OR 12-12:30 pm EST
(you pick one day and one time &  join at that time on the day you choose)
Price: $17.00