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Introducing the ultimate solution for art instruction on-demand: Big Ideas Art Club, where creativity knows no bounds! Join our exclusive membership and unlock a wealth of benefits designed to empower both families and teachers in providing their children with a truly exceptional art education experience, right from the comfort of home (or the classroom!).

With a simple membership purchase, a world of artistic possibilities opens up before you. Immerse your child in open-ended, how-to skill demonstrations expertly crafted in PDF and video formats. Explore the joy of weekly challenges that ignite imagination and foster growth. Showcase your child’s masterpieces in a state-of-the-art digital portfolio that captures your their artistic journey. Gain inspiration from recorded interviews with today’s working artists, delving into their creative processes and insights. Plus, proudly exhibit your child’s artwork in our vibrant online gallery, where fellow artists and enthusiasts can admire and celebrate your talent.

Don’t miss out on this chance to revolutionize art education for your kids. Join the Big Ideas Art Club today and witness the transformative power of choice-based learning, all within a nurturing and supportive community. Time to unleash creativity and let your kid’s imagination soar like never before!

Home Pass

Great For:

  • Families seeking to cultivate technical skills while nurturing their young artist’s personal creativity.
  • Those desiring access to live classes and a dedicated teacher who will guide and inspire their budding talent.


  • Access to all Zoom Classes, unlocking unparalleled learning opportunities at an unbeatable value.
  • Step into our super-fun, interactive art studio, where imagination knows no limits and artistic expression flourishes.
  • Indulge in on-demand, process-based skill builders, meticulously designed to empower your child to refine techniques at their own pace and revisit them whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Observe your child’s growth and keep their artistic journey organized with access to a Digital Portfolio, a seamless way to track progress and celebrate achievements.
  • Expand your artistic repertoire with a collection of printable activities, how-to-draw guides, and invaluable resources, ensuring ample opportunities to practice and hone new skills.

But that’s not all! Experience the wonders of our Inspiration Station, an artistic haven featuring:

  • An Interactive Art Gallery, allowing young artists to proudly showcase their work, receive recognition, and engage in meaningful exchanges with their peers.
  • Embark on a journey through the practices of real, working artists with our captivating Artist of the Month video series.
  • Discover boundless inspiration with our Idea Wheel, a dynamic source of open-ended creativity that sparks imaginative exploration.
  • Engage in our Weekly Challenge, specially crafted to sharpen problem-solving abilities and ignite the flames of creative thinking.

All for:

Class Pass

Great For:

  • Families yearning to lay a strong artistic foundation, with a focus on the basics of art through meticulously crafted, process-based skill-building video tutorials.
  • Teachers aiming to foster student independence and provide enriching options for early finishers, empowering young minds to explore and excel.


  • Immerse yourself in our super-fun, interactive art studio, where creativity reigns supreme, and artistic expression knows no boundaries.
  • Delight in the freedom of on-demand, process-based skill builders, carefully curated to cater to your learning style, ensuring you can watch and rewatch them at your own pace, whenever and wherever you please.
  • Observe your growth and keep your artistic endeavors organized with access to a Digital Portfolio, providing a seamless platform to monitor progress and maintain a tidy record of your creative journey.
  • Expand your artistic repertoire with a treasure trove of printable activities, how-to-draw guides, and valuable resources, facilitating the practice and refinement of new skills.

All for:


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Pick a Tutorial & Create your own art using the skills you learn

Child-Led, Open-Ended, & Process-Based.
Practice Over & Over Again at Your Own Pace.
Create Art Using Your Own Ideas.

Photograph and share your work

Share Your Work.
Inspire Others.
Gather Ideas from Other Kids.

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*Membership is for one household or classroom.