Choice-Based Art Classes

The Teacher

Image of teacher Nicole with a speech bubble that reads: I'm Nicole! I’ve been an art teacher for over 10 years now, with experience in public schools, children’s theater, and after-school programs. I have a Master's degree in Art Education and a huge passion for empowering children to create art using their own ideas.

The Difference

Here at Big Ideas Art Studio, I believe kids are already artists – full of wonderful ideas and individual artistic strengths, and I created an online art program to reflect that – no cookie-cutter art projects, no directions on WHAT to make, just the HOW. Designed based on the latest research in child development and art education that supports choices, individualization and even play as being essential to learning and growth, this art program offers more than just an art lesson, Big Ideas Art Studio offers each kid the chance to think and create like an artist. 

Whether you purchase a live class or on-demand classes in the form of an Art Club membership, your child will gain access to an environment that truly fosters creativity and celebrates each individual kid for the artist they already are.

Black text that reads: authentic kid art, made with kid ideas. The text overlays various works of art made by kids which includes: a 3D football field, a drawing of a car, an underwater collage, a 3D slice of pizza, and a picture of the Titanic.

Big Ideas Art Studio is comprehensive (covers all 4 Anchor Standards of the National Core Art Standards) and inclusive with opportunities for all kinds of artists – from drawing to printmaking, sculpting to crafts and so much more! Whether you’re a homeschool family looking to incorporate a more comprehensive art curriculum, or a public school family looking to support your young artist, or even a teacher looking to provide your students with in-class resources, Big Ideas Art Studio is for you.