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Kids are already artists, fully capable and brimming with wonderful ideas.

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a mother of two and a certified art teacher with 10 years of experience.

After creating a child-led classroom studio and witnessing the magic of authentic kid art, I’ve made it my mission to make sure all kids have access to a place where their ideas are celebrated and supported.

With a Creative Kids Art Club membership, your child will have access to the resources they need to make their own art, using their own ideas. 

No cookie cutter projects. 

No adult ideas. 

No what to make, only the how.

An Art Club membership gives you access to the virtual, interactive studio which includes:×-200-px-1366-×-450-px-1366-×-600-px.png

Why should we prioritize art in our home?

When we create using our own ideas, our brains engage in our most complex levels of thinking, synthesizing information from all areas of life, including math, reading, science and more.

On top of that, creativity and complex problem-solving are listed among the most critical skills for the 21st century, and several reputable institutions have even coined creativity as the most important skill.

Oh, and did you know that regular creation is considered beneficial for mental health, too? Bonus!

In short? Prioritizing child-led artmaking is good for your kids in so many ways.

Sounds like a lot of pressure, I know, but it’s not, because your Creator’s Club membership will take the pressure off you by giving your kids everything they need to create independently.×-1400-px-1500-×-1400-px.png

You might be wondering, “There are lots of art memberships for kids today. Why yours?”

Most art memberships, even the more progressive, process-based ones, are still lacking in many ways.

A Big Ideas Art Club membership is comprehensive – covering all aspects of the creative process, and more importantly, it’s 100% child-led.×-1800-px-3000-×-3000-px.png

So, if you have a young artist on your hands, are looking for after-school art enrichment, or an art curriculum for your homeschool setting, Big Ideas Art Studio is 100% for you. Guaranteed or your money back.

But, hurry! 15% off available now for a limited time only!

I can’t wait to see what your kiddos create!
See you on this inside!


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