Online Art Classes

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The Difference

Welcome to the captivating world of Big Ideas Art Studio, where we recognize that every child is already an artist, brimming with incredible ideas and unique creative strengths. Our online art program is thoughtfully crafted to embrace and reflect this innate creativity, leaving behind cookie-cutter projects and rigid instructions on what to make, and instead focusing on the empowering “how.”

Drawing upon the latest research in child development and art education, we have meticulously designed our program to prioritize choices, individualization, and the transformative power of play, as we believe these elements are essential to fostering learning and growth. At Big Ideas Art Studio, we go beyond traditional art lessons, offering each child a remarkable opportunity to think and create like a true artist.

Our program is comprehensive, encompassing the National Core Art Standards, ensuring a well-rounded artistic education for every participant. We embrace and provide opportunities for a wide range of artistic expressions, from drawing to printmaking, sculpting to crafts, and so much more. Whether you’re a homeschool family seeking a comprehensive art curriculum or a public school family looking to support your budding artist, Big Ideas Art Studio is the perfect fit for you.

When you invest in a live class, your child gains access to an environment that is truly conducive to creativity, a space that celebrates and honors each individual’s artistic abilities. We foster an atmosphere where imagination thrives, where originality is nurtured, and where the artist within is valued and encouraged.

Join us today and witness the transformation as your child immerses themselves in an art program that not only educates but also inspires and empowers. At Big Ideas Art Studio, we embrace the uniqueness of every young artist, igniting their passion for creation and paving the way for a lifetime of artistic fulfillment.

Black text that reads: authentic kid art, made with kid ideas. The text overlays various works of art made by kids which includes: a 3D football field, a drawing of a car, an underwater collage, a 3D slice of pizza, and a picture of the Titanic.