QR Codes Editable Bundle


The following bundle is an EDITABLE CANVA TEMPLATE including a collection of 60+ QR codes linking to brief skill tutorials. Use the Canva link provided in the PDF to view and print the document as is or you can use the link to edit the template to suit your needs. You can alter the text, colors, images, size, etc.

All QR codes are complete with a corresponding materials page. The materials are upside down so you can simply print and fold the paper in half. The QR codes can be hung around a classroom setting to increase student autonomy, or you can print multiple copies, fold, laminate, and store them in a container or binder so kids can grab them as needed.

If you don’t already have a Canva account, it’s completely free and incredibly beginner-friendly. The document includes a link to a short tutorial on how to edit, download, and print your new document in case you need some assistance.

Art Club Members (both Home & Class Passes), download your free QR codes here.