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Creating our own resources, on top of everything else required of us, is exhausting.

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a certified art teacher with a Masters in Art Education and 10 years of experience. My toxic teacher trait is: I create a ridiculous amount of digital resources so you don’t have to.


Well, after creating a choice-based studio and witnessing the magic of authentic kid art, I made it my mission in life to make sure all kids have the resources they need to create using their own ideas, and part of that mission includes providing teachers with (free) information via socials, and now, low-cost digital resources. 

All packaged into a cute little virtual art studio. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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With a Class Pass, you’ll have access to constantly growing resource libraries to help students stretch their imaginations, explore materials, envision ideas, develop their craft, connect to art worlds, and ultimately grow as artists.


Not only will these resources support student autonomy and growth, but they’ll also make your life easier by freeing up your precious time, and even your budget. Oh, and did I mention these resources can be used for the worst thing ever – I mean sub plans – too?!


You might be wondering, “There are lots of art memberships today. Why yours?”

Most art memberships, even the more progressive, process-based ones, still aren’t student-centered.

Every Big Ideas resource was created based on the belief that every kid’s an artist, and deserves the resources and support to bring their wonderful ideas to life. 


So, if you’re looking to support students in your classroom with additional resources, or even completely take resource  creation off your to-do list, a Class Pass to Big Ideas Art Studio is 100% for you. Guaranteed or your money back. 

But, hurry! 15% off available now for a limited time only!

See you on this inside!

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