Want to be Featured as an Artist of the Month?

Kid artists need to connect with working artists of today,
because as we all know, they can’t be what they can’t see.

Here’s how you can help:
15 minute Artist Interview conducted via Zoom.
Compensation: 50 US dollars.
1. 3-5 Images of Your Art to Share
2. Venmo or PayPal Account
3. 15 minutes of time
1. Tell me about you! (Name, pronouns, where you live, what kind of artist you are, and anything else you want to share)
2. How does your life/the things you’ve experienced inspire/influence your art?
3. What does creating look like for you? Do you plan? Experiment or play? Explore new techniques?
4. How do you overcome feeling frustrated while making your art?
5. What does your art express? Any ideas, emotions, or stories?
6. Do you have any advice for young artists?

I'd Like to Help!